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A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/


more info (ancestry unknown)

Birth: ca 1744
Death: 25 Mar 1808, Hopewell, Albert Co., New Brunswick



  • Catherine\Isabella GRIFFITH(S) born Abt 1751 <, , Ireland> Marriage: bet. 1772 - 1773  died 17 Jan 1789 Newport, Hants, Ns This union is shown on this page

  • Jane (MCCOLLOCH) Marriage: 15 Dec 1790, Windsor Township, Hants Co., Nova Scotia, Canada - for more on this union click here

  • Ann\Nancy COPP Marriage: abt. 1803, Hopewell Parish, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada - for more on this union click here

Notes for Catherine Isabella GRIFFITH:

Catherine (or Isabella) Griffith(s) was likely English or Irish. A Welch heritage is the family tradition of James Hayward's descendants. At this time, we have no knowledge of her birthplace. We know that she gave birth to her eldest son George in late 1773/early 1774 while living in Ireland where husband Henry was stationed with the British Army. Ireland, therefore, cannot be ruled out as a possible birthplace. Her name is shown as "Catharine" on son George's baptismal record 20 March 1774; Nova Scotia records indicate her name as Isabella or "Izzy," although it is also possible that the latter was a second wife. This possibility is strongly supported by the 8 year difference in age between the second and third surviving children. However, if wife Catherine did not travel to America with the army during the Revolution, this too would account for the gap in children's births.

Women did often accompany British regiments during their tours of duty. The following are some relevant notes from "The British Army in North America, 1775-1783," Robin May & G. A. Embleton, London, 1974:

-- "Written permission was needed from an officer for...private soldiers to Marry...In barracks at home - though true barracks only date from the 1790s - husbands and wives were entitled to screened-off beds in barrack-rooms." (pg. 10)

--"Women, whether wives or 'wives,' acted as laundrymaids and sometimes as nurses on campaign. They and their children were fed from the public stores, and clothed as well. There was at least one near mutiny at Cork when a ship without women did not set out because the redcoats aboard threatened to desert unless the matter was put right. Sadly little is known of the ordinary women who went to America..." (pg. 18)

Catherine allegedly died in Brooklyn, NS, located about 10 kilometers SE of Windsor, NS, at the junction of Trunk highway #14 and Collector Hwy #215 in Hants Co. (5 km east of Provincial Hwy 01 off exit 5). There is a Brooklyn Riverview Cemetery; could she be buried there? She is more likely buried at the "Old Parish Burying Ground," Windsor, NS, per Eunice Franks nee Hayward, of Regina, Sask., Canada. There is another Hayward family tradition that she died in Brooklyn, NY, rather than Nova Scotia. This is indeed a possibility as her husband's regiment did serve in Brooklyn, NY during the Revolution and requires more research.

Henry HAYWARD and Catherine Isabella GRIFFITH S

They had the following children:

  • George Griffith HAYWARD (Henry)

    born 1773 , , Ireland christening St. Pauls Church, , Dublin, Ireland died 24 Nov 1856 , , New Brunswick Married to Abigail COPP (cousin to Nancy Anne Copp - 3rd wife of Henry) . 1797 - 1798, Hopewell, New Brunswick, Canada or Horton, NS, Canada born 17 Apr 1780 Hopewell, Albert, New Brunswick, Canada  died 13 Mar 1860

  • William HAYWARD (Henry)

    born ca. 1775 Ireland ? died 1850 Hopewell, New Brunswick Married Jane ? ca. 1798

  • James (twin) HAYWARD (Henry)

    born 16 Dec 1785 Windsor Twp., Hants, N.S.; died 3 Jul 1858 Goshen, New Brunswick; Married Elizabeth STEVENS 19 Oct 1808 (Elizabeth born ca. 1790).

  • Bruce Hunter (twin) HAYWARD (Henry)

born Dec 1785 Windsor Twp. N.S.; died Dec 1785 at birth.

born 9 May 1787 Windsor Twp., N.S.; died 1 May 1876 St. Cloud, Minn. Burial: June 1875, North Star Cemetery, St. Cloud, Minnesota ; Married ca. 1808/1811 Margaret SCHECK/SHECK in Kingston, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of Christopher SHECK and Mary WAGER.  She was born Abt. 1786 in Sussex Corner, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada, and died December 25, 1872 in Baring, Washington Co., Maine.

Note that this line is well documented at : https://www.thewheelers.com/

A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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