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John HAYWARD (Henry)


born 9 May 1787 Windsor Twp., N.S.; died 1 May 1876 St. Cloud, Minn.

Burial: June 1875, North Star Cemetery, St. Cloud, Minnesota ; married ca. 1808/1811 Margaret SCHECK/SHECK

in Kingston, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of Christopher SHECK and Mary WAGER.  She was born Abt. 1786 in Sussex Corner, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada, and died December 25, 1872 in Baring, Washington Co., Maine. Notes on John HAYWARD Click Here

Children of John HAYWARD and Margaret SCHECK are:

  • Allen C. HAYWARD, born March 22, 1810, Sussex, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada; died April 11, 1887, Wesley, Maine. He married Thankful SMITH Abt. 1833 in Moores Mills, Charlotte Co, New Brunswick.  She was born May 26, 1812 in Tower HIll, St. David's, Charlotte Co, New Brunswick, Canada.

    • Allen C. Hayward first appears as a head of household in the U.S. census in 1840 in Wesley, Washington Co., ME (pg.125). At that time, the family consisted of 1 male 5 under 10, 1 female under 5, 1 male 20 under 30, one male 30, under 40 and one female 20, under 30. This accounts for children John and Thankful H. An unknown male in his 20's was living with them at that time.

      Allen C. & Thankful appear in the 1850 census still living in Wesley, Washington Co., ME. They now have 5 children and 22 yer old Ann E. Pollard, born NB, is also living with them. Allen, Thankful & son John are all listed as being born in NB, while the youngest 4 children - Thankful H., Ebenezer, Louisa J. and Andrew J. - are all shown as having been born in ME. Ann E. Pollard later married Thankful (Smith) Hayward's nephew, James Gray, Jr.

      Allen Hayward ran a hotel/boarding house in Washington Co., ME called the "Hayward House" through the Civil War; son Eben took it over, then Eben's son, Lynn H.; it was later sold to relation Allen Berry Hayward, brother of John P. Hayward. He ran it for several years then sold it out of the family.

      Allen and his wife are buried in the Lower Settlement Cemetery in Wesley. There it shows Allen as having died 11 April 1883 at 79 years, 8 months. Wesley Vital Records states he died 11 April 1887 at 79 years and 11 days, giving a birth date of 20 March 1808. According to the IGI (International Genealogy Index), Allen C. Hayward was born 22 March 1810 at Pleasant Valley, York Co., NB. Pleasant Valley is actually is Kings Co.; it's not known whether the Pleasant Valley location is correct.      

      Children of Allen HAYWARD and Thankful SMITH are:

      • John Wesley HAYWARD was born April 26, 1835 in St. David, Charlotte Co., New Brunswick, Canada, and died November 27, 1893 in Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa.  He married Mary Louise LOWELL February 23, 1856 in Wesley, Maine.  She was born December 15, 1836.

        Children of John HAYWARD and Mary LOWELL are:

        • Frank Leslie HAYWARD, born April 27, 1857.

        • Fred L. HAYWARD, born May 28, 1859, Wesley, Maine; d. February 07, 1883, Wesley, Maine.

        • Allen Berry HAYWARD, born September 22, 1861, Wesley, Maine; d. 1937, Wesley, Washington Co., Maine.

        • Charlotte Helen HAYWARD, born May 24, 1866.

        • May Louise HAYWARD, born December 23, 1868.

        • Melvina M HAYWARD, born January 05, 1872.

        •  George C HAYWARD, born December 23, 1874.

        •  John Perlie HAYWARD, born March 13, 1878.

        • John W. Hayward was a Civil War veteran of 11th Maine Infantry, Company B. He enlisted at Wesley, ME, age 27 2 Aug. 1862 and was discharged after 3 years service 16 June, 1865 at the rank of sergeant. He saw service in and about Richmond, VA. He was wounded in the left shoulder by a musket ball at Newmarket, VA 7 Oct. 1864. His name is listed on the Wesley Town Monument as being a Civil War veteran, along with Eben Smith Hayward. He is also listed in the 1883 "List of Pensioners on the Rolls," Vol. 1 as a resident of Wesley, ME; wounded, left shoulder; receiving $6.00 monthly pension which he began getting 26 June 1866. While John was away in the War, his wife set up a schoolhouse at their home, she having taught prior to their mariage. His service record describes him, in Aug. 1862 at his enlistment, as age 27, married, dark complexion, blue eyes, brown hair and 5 feet, 8 inches. He was a resident of Wesley, ME then and later was made corporal (28 Sept. 1862), then sergeant (1 Nov. 1864).

          Much of his military record comes from Committee of the Regimental Association, "Story of the 11th Maine Regiment in the War of the Rebellion," 1896, a book copied by Marie Harrington, Benton, ME.

          John lived in Wesley, ME farming and and lumbering until 1883 when he removed to Minnesota. The family lived first at Spencer Brook, Isanti Co., MN then moved to Otsego, Wright Co., MN in 1885. He lived on 2 different farms there and hired out in lumber camps in winter. In 1887 he was taken ill; he, his wife and children May and John Perlie moved to Glenwood, Iowa to be with son Frank who was preaching there. The change did not suit him, however and he died not long after their move. His wife died 9 months after that. Both are buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Glenwood, Iowa.

      •  Thankful H HAYWARD, born February 25, 1837.

      •  Helen T HAYWARD, born March 1839.

      •  Ebenezer SMITH HAYWARD, born August 1843.

      •  Louisa J HAYWARD, born Abt. 1846.

      •  Andrew J HAYWARD, born Abt. 1847.

      •  Charlotte S. HAYWARD, born June 1852.

      •  Mary Jane HAYWARD, born 1853.

  • Henry HAYWARD, born May 29, 1812, Hopewell Parish, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.

  • Daughter HAYWARD, born Bef. 1815, Hopewell Parish, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.

  • James HAYWARD, born September 24, 1817, Shepody, Hopewell Parish, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.

  • Samuel Freeze HAYWARD, was born June 13, 1819 in Shepody, Hopewell Parish, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada, and died August 26, 1902 in Baring, Washington Cty, Maine.  He married Sarah GRAVES AVERILL April 29, 1849 in Wesley, Maine, daughter of John AVERILL and Deborah SEAVEY.  She was born October 06, 1824 in Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine, and died April 21, 1892 in Baring, Washington Cty, Maine.

    • Samuel F. Hayward appears for the first time as head of household in the US census records in 1850 in Wesley, ME (pg. 59). He was 31, born in NB, married with one child. His mother, Margaret, age 64, also born in NB, was living with them. According to John P. Hayward, Samuel lived at one time on Twp. 31 Rd. beside Airline Road, just west of Chain Lake Stream bridge, on the south side of the road. Later he moved to Baring, 5 miles up the St. Croix River from Calais, where he had a good house and farm. The house burned some years back.

      Samuel, his wife, mother and several children are buried at Baring Cemetery, Baring, ME. He died of paresis at age 83 years, 6 months, 15 days

      Children of SAMUEL HAYWARD and SARAH AVERILL are:

      • Georgina Fales WESLEY HAYWARD, born 1850, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; d. Abt. 1852, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine.

      • George Napoleon HAYWARD, born August 19, 1851, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; 23 OCT 1872 in Newburyport, Essex Co., Massachusetts Burial: Baring Cemetery, Baring, Washington, ME

      • Georgina Fales HAYWARD, born April 03, 1853

      • Samuel Weare HAYWARD, born February 18, 1855, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; d. 1920, Alexander, ME. Buried at Baring Cemetery, Baring, ME.

      • Arabella S.A. HAYWARD, born February 24, 1856, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; d. Bef. November 11, 1902.

      • Josiah E. HAYWARD, born March 13, 1858, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; d. September 18, 1925, Baring, Washington Cty, Maine; m. AMANDA J. Jaenson St. Cloud, Stearns Co., Minnesota; born October 30, 1862, Sweden; d. 1925, Baring, Washington Cty, Maine.

      • Charles Summer HAYWARD, born January 29, 1860, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; d. July 27, 1901, Bangor, Penobscot Cty, Maine.

      • Winfred HAYWARD, born July 26, 1861, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; d. Bef. 1894

      • Henrietta M. HAYWARD, born March 03, 1863, Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine; d. 1956, Milltown, Washington Cty, Maine.

  • Maryan ELIZABETH was born September 15, 1822 in Shepody, Hopewell, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada, and died March 30, 1865 in Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine.  She married William MILLER February 11, 1841 in Wesley, Washington Co., Maine.  He was born Bet. 1813 - 1815 in Nova Scotia, Canada, and died July 18, 1878 in Wesley, Washington Cty, Maine.

  • Children of Maryan HAYWARD and William MILLER are:

    • Rachel MILLER, born 1840, Wesley, Maine.

    • Margaret MILLER, born 1842, Wesley, Maine.

    • George H. MILLER, born 1846, Wesley, Maine.

    • Samuel H. MILLER, born 1848, Wesley, Maine.

    • Mary E. MILLER, born 1850, Wesley, Maine.

    • Azubah H. MILLER, born 1852, Wesley, Maine.

    • Josiah MILLER, born 1856, Wesley, Maine.

    • Sarah MILLER, born 1857, Wesley, Maine.

    • Elizabeth MILLER, born 1861, Wesley, Maine.

    • Clara M. MILLER, born 1863, Wesley, Maine.

    • William JR. MILLER, born 1864, Wesley, Maine.


  • Josiah Eaton HAYWARD, born February 02, 1826, Maine, Washington Co. or Mechanics Falls, Androscoggan Co.


  • John Jr. HAYWARD, born May 19, 1828, Maine, Washington Co..



A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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