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A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/

Henry HAYWARD more info

Birth: ca 1744
Death: 25 Mar 1808, Hopewell, Albert Co., New Brunswick, buried (on his own land) at Shepody Mount/Mountville in Hopewell. "Three Albert County cemeteries." Generations(49): 61-64. Grave on Shepody Bay, near Hopewell Hill, Albert Co, New Brunswick, in a corner of a pasture above Highway #114 and the railway, on land now owned by Lloyd and Francis Tucker. This was Henry HAYWARD's land when he was buried there. Inscription: In Memory of Henry Hayward who departed this life March 25, 1808 in the 63 year of his age. Henry Hayward came to Hopewell from the Windsor area, East Hants Co., Nova Scotia, about 1800. He is listed in the 1803 census of Hopewell as having no wife, three children over 10, and 1 child under 10.


  • Catherine\Isabella GRIFFITH(S) born Abt 1751 <, , Ireland> marriage: bet. 1772 - 1773  died 17 Jan 1789 Newport, Hants, NS for more on this union click here
  • Jane (MCCOLLOCH) marriage: 15 Dec 1790, Windsor Township, Hants Co., Nova Scotia, Canada - for more on this union click here
  • Ann \ Nancy COPP marriage: abt. 1803, Hopewell Parish, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada - this union is shown on this page.

3rd marriage of Henry HAYWARD to Nancy (Anne) COPP (Jonathon, Samuel, Jonathan, David William, William) ca. 1803;

A cousin of Nancy was Abigail, married Henry's oldest son, G. G. Hayward. Abigail was d/o David Copp and Mary (May) Pike of Horton, Nova Scotia, then Westmorland County, New Brunswick. Ann \ Nancy Copp was d/o Jonathan Copp and Elizabeth Anderson. For the COPP line Click here  Nancy / Ann 2nd marriage to John Keillor Click here

They had the following 2 children:

  • Sarah HAYWARD born 7 May 1804 Hopewell, New Brunswick, Canada. Mentioned in her father's will of 3/13/1808, Sarah Hayward inherited 2 cows, 5 sheep and 1/2 of the household furniture when she came of age.
  • Jonathan COPP HAYWARD ca 1806 (notes also show 1 August 1804)  Hopewell, New Brunswick, Canada. died 14 March 1881 - Mentioned in his father's will of 13 March 1808, Jonathan Copp Hayward inherited "2 lots of marsh and upland on the south side of the Chepody purchased from Jonathan Robinson & Thomas Stevens and 10 pounds to be paid him when he is of age."


Parish of Hopewell, Westmoreland Co. Will dated 13 February 1808, proved 11 May 1808

Wife Nancy 50 pounds, payment to be made to the terms of a bond from my son George HAYWARD. Son

Jonathan Copp HAYWARD two lots of Marsh and upland on the south side of Chepody[sic] purchased from Jonathan ROBINSON and Thomas STEVENS and 10 pounds to be paid him whenhe is of age. Daughter Sarah HAYWARD two cows and five sheep and one-half the household furniture when she comes of age. Daughter Catherine HAYWARD two cows, a three year old mare and the other half of the householdfurniture when comes of age. Son George HAYWARD 5 shillings. Resdue of estate to be divided into four shares among sons William HAYWARD, James HAYWARD, and John HAYWARD each one share and the last share to be divided between my two sons Henry HAYWARD and Matthew HAYWARD when they become of age.

Robert DICKSON and my son George HAYWARD, both of Hopewell, executors. Witnesses: Eben CUTLER, Robert DICKSON, William DANIELS Jr.


A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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