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William J BELFRY (Prince, Jacob, Peter)

is listed as a School Master and as the age of 35 during the 1881 census. Was born 13 Jan 1845 married to Julia Elizabeth COLE on 22 MAR 1893 in Toronto, York County ,Ontario. Julia is listed as age 5 in the 1881 census. Her father is listed as Samuel, and her mother as Mary. During the 1901 census, Julia is staying with her parents with the first three children.

They had the following children:

  • George Wellington BELFRY born  22 Jan 1894 in Navan, Perry Sound District, Ontario, died 8 Nov 1916 in Rouen, France, His Regimental number was 643576.  He served with the 76th O'Seas Battalion. Enlistment paper Front Back
  • Elsie Florence BELFRY born  14 Oct 1897 in Perry, Ontario. She married Samuel Walter IRVINE.
  • Morley Melburn BELFRY born  2 Aug 1900 in Bradford, West Gwillimbury, Simcoe County, Ontario. Morley married Beatrice Olive HAWKINS who was born ? May 1908 in England. Morley and Beatrice had five children. Beatrice passed away 4 Jan 1963 in Newmarket, Ontario. She is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, West Gwillimbury.  Morley passed away 8 Oct 1976 in Weston, Ontario. He is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in West Gwillimbury (outside Bradford)
  • Emory Dawson BELFRY born  25 Jul 1903 in Bradford, West Gwillimbury, Simcoe County, Ontario. married to Mary Rachael CHURCH. Emory passed 14 Jan 2000 in Bradford, Ontario
  • John Alexander Mackenzie BELFRY was born 24 Mar 1905, died on 24 Mar 1971 in Aurora, Ontario
  • Samuel Elgin BELFRY
  • Elsina Edith Marie BELFRY born 28 Oct 1912 in West Gwillimbury, Ontario
  • Annie Elizabeth BELFRY born  21 Aug 1908. She died on 4 Nov 1960 in West Gwillimbury, Ontario. She was married to Charles Thomas MILLS on 25 Jan 1930 in Bradford, Ontario, CAN. Charles was born on 19 Oct 1904. He died on 28 Aug 1949 in West Gwillimbury, Ontario.
#020900-94 (Parry Sound Dist) BELFRY, George Wellington, m, Jan 22, 1894, F: William James BELFRY, P.S. teacher, M: Julia Elizabeth COLE. Infm: <No name given> Novar, Twp of Perry


Census of Canada, 1901: Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: YORK (North/Nord) District Number: 130 Sub-district Name: Gwillimbury (East/Est) Sub-district Number: d-6 Schedule: 1 Notes: Brown Hill Reference: RG31 , Statistics Canada Microfilm Reel Number: T-6507 Finding Aid Number: 31-40 Census Images

During the 1901 census (location information above):

Name Sex Relation to the head of the house single, married, widowed, or divorced Year of Birth Month and date of birth Age County or place of birth
COLE Samuel M Head M 1828 June 25 72 England English Farmer
" Mary F Wife M 1833 Sept 29 67 England English
" Wellington W. M son S 1868 Jan 16 33 Ontario English Farmer
BELFRY Julia E F daughter M 1875 Aug 9 25 Ontario English
" George W. M Gr son S 1894 Jan 22 7 Ontario French
" Elsie F. F " Daughter S 1897 Oct 14 3 Ontario French
" Morley M M "son S 1900 Aug 2 8/12 Ontario French

1881 Canadian Census Gwillimbury East, York North, Ontario

 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Samuel COLE   M   Male   English   53   England   Farmer   Episcopal Methodist 
Mary COLE   M   Female   English   47   England      Episcopal Methodist 
John Wesley COLE      Male   English   23   Ontario   School Student   Episcopal Methodist 
George Arthur COLE      Male   English   22   Ontario   School Teacher   Episcopal Methodist 
Chancy Walker COLE      Male   English   18   Ontario   Farmer   Episcopal Methodist 
Amanda Malona COLE      Female   English   16   Ontario      Episcopal Methodist 
Robert Richmond COLE      Male   English   20   Ontario      Episcopal Methodist 
Wellington Whitfield COLE      Male   English   13   Ontario      Episcopal Methodist 
Phillip Judson COLE      Male   English   3   Ontario      Episcopal Methodist 
Ida Mary COLE      Female   English   7   Ontario      Episcopal Methodist 
Julia Elizabeth COLE      Female   English   5   Ontario      Episcopal Methodist 
Sarah Ann COLE      Female   English   9   Ontario      Episcopal Method


A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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