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Prince BELFRY (Jacob, Peter)

born 16 Jul 1805 in Elizabethtown Township, Leeds Co., Ontario. He was a Carpenter by trade. He is listed as the age of 75 during the 1881 census. His wife's maiden name was Mary ROBINSON of West Gwillimbury. Mary was daughter of William Robinson.  Mary is listed as having the age of 63 during 1881 census, and having been born in Ireland, with an Ethnic origin of being Scottish.. Their home was about a mile and a half north of Bradford.  Mr. Belfry rode some ten miles to visit his brother William on the 14th of March, 1882: returned the same day as well and lively as usual, went to bed at his usual time in the evening. The next morning the 15th, he was found in apparent repose, his wife having risen previously, leaving him she supposed to rest his usual until breakfast time; but called, he was found to be asleep into death. The sudden and unexpected bereavement took fast hold upon his wife and she became so distressed, that in twelve days afterwards she succumbed to its effect and also also fell asleep into the repose of death. They had the following children:

  • Jacob BELFRY has a farm of his own in the township of Tay, county of Simcoe. He is shown as the age of 46 in the 1881 census, married to Elizabeth who is shown as the age of 45. Jacob was 2 born 4 Mar 1835 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe Co, On. Elizabeth's last name was 2 MARTIN and they were married 2 25 Dec 1861 Bond Head, , On
  • Eliza BELFRY, married a Mr. John WOOD  returned home with her daughter after her husband's death. She is listed as a widow at the age of 43 in the 1881 census, with her daughter , a school mistress, as having the age of 21.
  • Peter BELFRY has a farm in the township of Tay, county of Simcoe. The 1881 census has him as being 41 years of age, married first to Isabella TAPPER (no issue) then to Letitia LOVE who is 30 years of age in the 1881 census. The 1901 census give Mar 26, 1840 as Peter's Birth, and Jan 12, 1851 as Letitia's birth. They had the following children:
  • George Robinson BELFRY learned the art of saw filing for which he received good wages. He was born 2 11 Jul 1844 West Gwillimbury, Simcoe Co, On. He married Alice Jane MACKIE on 24 May 1871 in Bradford, , On
  • William J. BELFRY is listed as a School Master and as the age of 35 during the 1881 census. born 13 Jan 1845 married to Julia Elizabeth COLE on 22 MAR 1893 in Toronto, York County ,Ontario.
  • James BELFRY is a saw filer at Bradford mills. He is listed as 33 in the 1881 census, his wife Mary is listed as 23 years of age.
  • Joanna BELFRY is listed as the age of 30 during the 1881 census., and on the 1901 census Joanna born Jan 16, 1851, listed as single
  • Henry S. BELFRY is listed as a Farmer and as the age of 27 during the 1881 census. He married 1 Maria GLASSFORD.  On the 1901 census he is listed as born May 23 1853 listed as <something - I could not make it out> R Farmer, his wife is <Meriah> born Sep 3 1854
  • Prince Albert BELFRY is listed as a Farmer and as the age of 23 during the 1881 census. on the 1901 census born Oct 16, 1856  Methodist and a Farmer - as single
Prince Belfry, who married William Robinson's daughter, Mary, settled on the opposite lot, viz., lot 16 (N. half), con.8, in 1830. Altogether, there were ten sons on the Belfry family of East Gwillimbury, and six daughters, two or three other sons, besides Prince settled hereabout, about the same. The buring-ground on Ira Belfry's farm, to the west, was the one Bradford people used at first. (Belfry Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, a.k.a. Robinson's Cemetery, Con. 8, Lot 14)
1. From "A Brief History of Jacob Belfry Sen.... by P. DeGuerre in 1888
2. "The History of Simcoe County". by Andrew F. Hunter (born 1863 died in 1940)

1881 Canadian Census Gwillimbury West, Simcoe South, Ontario

Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Prince BELFRY   M   Male   French   75   O <Ontario>  Farmer  Methodist Canada 
William J. BELFRY      Male   French   35   O <Ontario>  School Master  Methodist Canada 
Henry S. BELFRY      Male   French   27   O <Ontario>  Farmer  Methodist Canada 
Prince A. BELFRY      Male   French   23   O <Ontario>  Farmer  Methodist Canada 
Mary BELFRY   M   Female   Scottish   63   Ireland     Methodist Canada 
Joanna BELFRY      Female   French   30   O <Ontario>     Methodist Canada 
Eliza WOODS   W   Female   French   43   O <Ontario>     Methodist Canada 
Mary WOODS      Female   Irish   21   O <Ontario>  School Mistress  Methodist Canada 


Prince A born Oct 16, 1856  1901 census  Methodist and a Farmer - both single

and sister Joanna born Jan 16, 1851  1901 census

a William Belfry born 1848 listed as a servant and married

Henry S. born May 23 1853 listed as <something> R Farmer

and wife Meriah born Sep 3 1854 and daughter Mabel L. born sep 30 1888 - a Sherman Belfry is listed as a lodger

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A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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