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A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/


Jacob BELFRY  (Jacob, Peter)

born 10 Sep 1822 in East Gwillimbury, York Co, Ontario, Canada.  He married Susan ROSE on April 1st, 1844 (who was daughter of the deceased Robert Rose), and was then a farmer in East Gwillimbury for seventeen years. Susan was 57 during the 1881 census implying a birth year of <1824>. He moved 1861, near to Kirkfield where he remained for nine years. e then moved to Carden, where he kept the Post Office for eleven years. From this place he removed to the township of Lutterworth, where in 1888 he was a member of the council for the place he resides. They had the following children (all born in York County, Ontario):

  • Judah BELFRY made his home at his father's place
  • Hester BELFRY married a Mr. George Washington WRIGHT of Howell Michigan.
  • Isaac BELFRY - a very naturally strong man. He married Christina GILLESPIE and settled in Lutterworth, county of Haliburton. Isaac is listed as 33 on the 1881 census, and Christina is listed as 26.
  • Frances BELFRY is listed as age 30 during 1881 census. At that time is listed a a labourer. He married Lydia ALLEN
  • Mittie BELFRY married Daniel CURRIE a farmer near Cannington, Ont.
  • Elizabeth BELFRY married John FERGUSON
  • Jacob Robert BELFRY married Sara ADAMSON
  • Prince Albert BELFRY is listed as age 18 during the 1881 census - married before 1888, and resided in Lutterworth with his father. Note that the 1901 census has him as born Apr 15, 1862, married to Emma ADAMSON
  • Thirza Josephine BELFRY is listed as age 15 during the 1881 census


1. From "A Brief History of Jacob Belfry Sen.... by P. DeGuerre in 1888

1881 Canadian Census Carden, Victoria North, Ontario


Marital Status


Ethnic Origin





 Jacob BELFREY   M   Male   French   57   O. <Ontario>   Farmer   C. Methodist 
 Susan BELFREY   M   Female   English   57   O. <Ontario>   Farmer   C. Methodist 
 Francis BELFREY      Male   French   30   O. <Ontario>   Laborer   C. Methodist 
 Albert BELFREY      Male   French   18   O. <Ontario>      C. Methodist 
 Josephine BELFREY      Female   French   15   O. <Ontario>      C. Methodist 





Birth Year

Birth Place

Albert Belfry head 15 Apr 1862 Ontario
Emma Belfry wife 11 Apr 1867 Ontario
Jacob R Belfry son 16 Mar 1893 Ontario
Eva P Belfry daughter 14 Oct 1896 Ontario



A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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