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A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/

Catherine Katie BELFRY  (Jacob, Peter)

born 6 May 1826 on the homestead farm in East Gwillimbury, York Co, Ontario, Canada. Katie married William CANE, May 15th, 1844. William is listed on the 1881 census as being 58 years of age, and Catherine is listed as 55. Their home was in Queensville for many years where pump making, Hub turning... was the occupation.  They purchased the Belfry homestead, and remained there for a time, but sold it and returned to town in the saw milling business. They had the following children:

  • Catherine Lachioness CANE - died at the age of one year and nine months.
  • William B. CANE - deceased prior to 1889
  • Henry S. CANE married Mary Ann ARMITAGE
  • Joanna CANE married Rev. Thomas GRANDY
  • Charles Edwin CANE married Bessy LUKES
  • Ambrose CANE (deceased prior to 1889) married to Eva WOOD
  • J. Eugene CANE is listed as age 23 in 1881, and as a Manufacturer. He married Minnie KAVANAGH
  • Geo Fillmore CANE  is listed as age 20 in 1881, and was a Law Student
  • Emma CANE  is listed as age 18 in 1881.
  • Fredrick S. CANE MD  is listed as age 16 in 1881.
  • Egbert CANE  is listed as age 12 in 1881.
  • Jenetta CANE - died at the age of four and eleven months
1. From "A Brief History of Jacob Belfry Sen.... by P. DeGuerre in 1888
1881 Canadian Census Newmarket, York North, Ontario
 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
William CANE   M   Male   Irish   58   USA   Manufacturer  Methodist Canada 
Cathrine CANE   M   Female   French   55   Ontario     Methodist Canada 
Eugene CANE      Male   Irish   23   Ontario   Manufacturer  Methodist Canada 
Philmore CANE      Male   Irish   20   Ontario   Law Student  Methodist Canada 
Emma CANE      Female   Irish   18   Ontario     Methodist Canada 
Fred CANE      Male   Irish   16   Ontario     Methodist Canada 
Egbert CANE      Male   Irish   12   Ontario     Methodist Canada 
BURROWS   M   Female   Irish   24   Ontario   Servant  Episcopal Methodist 


A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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