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A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/

David HAYWARD (George, Henry)

was born January 17, 1799 in Newport, Nova Scotia, Canada, and died September 29, 1886 in Penobsquis, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada.  He Married Sarah MCCULLY January 25, 1821 in Sussex, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada.  She was born November 19, 1800 in Shepody/Hopewell Parish, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada, and died April 19, 1894 in Penobsquis, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Burial: Pioneer Cemetery, Cardwell Parish, Penobsquis, Kings, New Brunswick

Children of David HAYWARD and Sarah MCCULLY are:

  • Miriam HAYWARD, born July 25, 1822. married to James W. NOWLAN, Miriam died Nov 7, 1842 Smith's Creek, Studholm parish (Kings Co.)

  • Susanna HAYWARD, born August 29, 1824. married to William WARWICK on Oct 26, 1846

  • Abigail HAYWARD, born February 14, 1827. married to James W. NOWLIN Jun 1851

  • William Henry HAYWARD, born September 10, 1829. Married to Augusta Ann eldest d/o Zachariah PARLEE, Studholm 21 ay 1857.

  • Elizabeth HAYWARD, born January 10, 1833. married to John MURRAY, Sussex (Kings Co.) 4 Feb, 1856

  • Samuel HAYWARD, born April 11, 1838.

d. Smith's Creek, Studholm parish (Kings Co.) 7th inst., age 21, Mariam NOWLAN w/o James W. NOWLAN and eldest d/o David HAYWARD, left husband, two children. 19 November 1842 NBC
m. Thursday, by Rev. Richard Knight, James W. NOWLIN / Miss Abigail HAYWARD, both of Studholm (Kings Co.) 14 June 1851 NBC
m. Studholm (Kings Co.) Monday eve., 26th inst., by Rev. Allen, William WARWICK (St. John) city / Susannah HAYWARD d/o David HAYWARD, Studholm parish. 31 October 1846 NBC
m. 4th inst., residence of bride's father, by Rev J. Prince, John MURRAY, Sussex (Kings Co.) / Elizabeth HAYWARD youngest d/o David HAYWARD, Esq., Studholm. 13 February 1856 MN
d. Penobsquis (Kings Co.) Wednesday 29th ult., David HAYWARD, age 88. Funeral from his residence Friday 2 o'clock. 1 October 1886 D.T.


David Hayward was born 14 or 17 Jan. 1799 and died 28 Sept. 1886, the latter per K.E. Kanner, Early Families Revisited, Moncton, New Brunswick (1993), read by Sandy Wilbur.

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, RS 108, "Land Petitions," David Hayward and 10 others petition for land in the Parish of Sussex, Kings Co., New Brunswick, January 31, 1820. In that petition, David states that he is age 21, born in New Brunswick and asks for 200 acres; not yet Married.

According to his wife's obituary, David and Sarah lived with his father for 2 years after their Marriage in 1821. Henry then bought for them 500 acres at Smith's Creek, Kings Co., New Brunswick where they lived together for 47 years. He purchased it from David Sinnott; deed dated 2 Dec. 1822. In May, 1894, the property was owned by Mark Thompson. In March, 1870 they removed to Penobsquis.

A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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