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We are looking for more information on this line (The PARKER family) of our family.


The Mar 31, 1901 census which places his birth ca 1872/1873 in the District of Derby (is in the county of Derbyshire), England. In 1901 Albert, Florence, and young Albert (my grandfather) were living in two rooms  of  14 Blenheim Cres in the Municipal Borough of Kensington, North Kensington which was a Pub, Beer House at the time.  Albert, the head of this family was occupied at the time of the 1901 census as a Portrait Canvasser Agent. Picture. Albert Henry PARKER was 28 at the timeMom Said that  Albert Henry PARKER was the Top right (That Mom & Gramma could determine)

  • Married Florence Swift 24th April, 1899 at West Ham/Hrm Registry office. Florence was age 16 at the time of the marriage. Florence was 19 at the time of the Mar 31, 1901 census, which places her birth 1881 - 1883 (marriage age and census age).  She was born in Essex Plaistow England.


Albert Henry PARKER died 18th October, 1908 at his house in Seacombe, Cheshire. He was listed as a commission agent selling jewellery and sewing machines. Albert Henry Parker's mother was listed as a housekeeper in Manchester circa 1909.

Mr. Clay, 17, Brighton Street, Seacombe, Cheshire, collected 5 pound at the conservative club for the family. Since Albert's death Florence supported herself by doing a little sewing, and cleaning empty houses.

Florence's father was James SWIFT (age 63 circa 1909). mother Eliza (age 63 circa 1909). James was a plasterer, then living at 27 Durham Road, Canning Town London.

Florence had two brothers, William age 30 circa 1909, and Frederick age 28 circa 1909, both potmen in London at the time. She had three sisters, Eliz. Austin age 34 circa 1909 - wife of potman,  Mary Ann Swift age 32 circa 1909, and Minnie Swift age 23 circa 1909 - all of London at the time.

1901 census image Click here

They had the following children:
  • Albert Henry Cecil PARKER born 26 Nov 1899  in Notting Hill London died 24 Jun 1980 in Calgary, Alberta Canada  (Picture WWI about 16 years). 
    • WWI Enlistment papers  Front   Back (1898 on WWI enlistment - so that he could join the forces)
  • Fredrick Harold PARKER born Abt 1902.

Just a note here that Albert Henry Cecil PARKER was a part of the 'Home Children' or 'Barnardo's boys' where children were shipped over to Canada.

Following his admission to Barnardo's on 19th January 1909, Albert spent the first six nights at Leopold House in Burdett Street, East London.  On 26th April, 1909 Albert was transferred to Watts Naval Training School in Norfolk, here he spent the next two years two months  before returning to the Stepney Home.  On 14th March, 1912 Albert left the shores of England aboard the SS Corinthian bound for Canada.  He arrived in St. John on the 30th March 1912. Picture of Albert in March 1912 Click here.

Adm. 19 Jan 1909

  • 20 Jan 1909 Leopold House
  • 26 Apr 1909 Norfolk
  • 19 Jun 1911 Leopold House
  • 19 Jun 1911 Stepney House

Florance (Swift) PARKER later came to Canada with son Frederick and married James SHEANE who adopted the brothers.  Albert was restored to his mother and Step Father in July 1912.

Home Children

PARKER , Albert H Cecil (Sheane)

Age: 12
Sex: M
Year of arrival: 1912
Microfilm reel: T-4826
Ship: SS Corinthian
Port of departure: London
Departure Date: 14 Mar 1912
Port of arrival: St John
Arrival Date: 1 Apr 1912
Party: Dr Barnardo's
Destination: Toronto, Ont
Comments: See also C-4716 & T-5542

James SHEANE born 24 Dec 1864 in Kincardine, Huron Co. son of John and Mary Sheane. He was married first to Eliza Ann Conquergood around 1890. Eliza (1869 - August 7 1904 died in Wallace, Manitoba) James and Eliza moved to McCauley, Manitoba circa 1891. James died 1961, age 97, in Winnipeg. Some Sheane / Conquergood census notes at the bottom of this page.

married second to: (This would be my great-grandmother)

  • Florence PARKER (Swift)
From the Manitoba Vital Statistics - note that that is mm/dd/yyyy
Groom's Last Name: SHEANE
Groom's Given Names: JAMES
Brides Last Name: PARKER
Brides Given Names: FLORENCE
Date of Marriage: 01/11/1912
Place of Marriage: WPG
Registration Number: 1912,001335
Registration Date:


and adopted:
  • Albert Henry Cecil (PARKER) SHEANE
  • Frederick Harold (PARKER) SHEANE


Albert Henry Cecil SHEANE "There was often a dispute over the correct day our Dad was born on.  Your Site has lots of info re Cecil Parker.  I gather my Dad was named for his father." - June Hayward nee Sheane.

married to:

  • Priscilica Annie BATTLEY 2 Mar 1929 born Dec 5, 1905 i Winnipeg, Manitoba (more on BATTLEY) "There are other Priscilla's in the Battley clan, but I do know she didn't like the name Priscilla because of the person she was named for, whoever that was. The name Annie was for her birth Mother as we know from the birth cert. and because Mom talked about Annie Young with great affection." - June Hayward nee Sheane.
They had the following children:
  • June Florance SHEANE - was born June 16, 1930 and passed November 11th, 2009, was married to Charles Tupper HAYWARD
  • Private
  • Private
  • Private


Interestingly enough, the 1901 census has Eliza's (Conquergood) birthplace as the United States (Scottish background) with immigration year as 1877)  she is listed as born 19 May 1869.  As of the 1901 census James and Eliza had the following children:

  • William A. born 19 Dec (hard to read the month) 1893 in Manitoba
  • John H. born 24 July 1896 in Manitoba
  • James E. born 7 Mar 1899 in Manitoba

There was also a John Sheane born Mar 20 1861 (single) born Ireland, immigrated in 1886 living with them at the time. (listed as a Lodger - hard to read)

1881 Canadian Census Kincardine, Bruce South, Ontario
 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
John SHEANE   M   Male   Irish   50   Ireland  Farmer   Congregational 
Mary SHEANE   M   Female   Irish   46   Ireland      Congregational 
Thomas SHEANE      Male   Irish   26   O. <Ontario>  Farmer   Congregational 
Andrew SHEANE      Male   Irish   23   O. <Ontario>  Black Smith   Congregational 
Martha SHEANE      Female   Irish   20   O. <Ontario>      Congregational 
John SHEANE      Male   Irish   18   O. <Ontario>  Son   Congregational 
James SHEANE      Male   Irish   16   O. <Ontario>      Congregational 
Elizabeth SHEANE      Female   Irish   12   O. <Ontario>      Congregational 
William SHEANE      Male   Irish   10   O. <Ontario>      Congregational 
Maris SHEANE      Male   Irish   8   O. <Ontario>      Congregational 
Alice SHEANE      Male   Irish   1   O. <Ontario>      Congregational 
Henry CUYLER      Male   Irish   15   O. <Ontario>   Labourer   Weslyan Methodist 


1881 Canadian Census Kincardine, Bruce South, Ontario
 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
William CONQUERGOOD   M   Male   Scottish   36   Scotland   Farmer   Congregational 
Ellen CONQUERGOOD   M   Female   Scottish   30   Scotland      Congregational 
Eliza CONQUERGOOD      Female   Scottish   12   Scotland      Congregational 
Jessie CONQUERGOOD      Female   Scottish   11   Scotland      Congregational 
Ellen CONQUERGOOD      Female   Scottish   9   Scotland      Congregational 
Arthur CONQUERGOOD      Male   Scottish   6   Scotland      Congregational 
Thomas CONQUERGOOD      Male   Scottish   6   Scotland      Congregational 
George CONQUERGOOD      Male   Scottish   2   Scotland      Congregational 
William CONQUERGOOD      Male   Scottish   2   Scotland      Congregational 


DATE OF DEATH: 08/07/1904



A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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