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My Attempt at reproducing the above note in print: (If I have made an error let me know:) Side Note that the signers, Chief JOHN CROMARTY, Councilor ACKEMENCE, and JAMES McKENZIE also signed Treaty #3 (https://www.ainc-inac.gc.ca/pr/trts/trty3_e.html)

"At a meeting of the Chief and Councilors of Lac Seul Band held here this day, application  for commutations <not positive of the previous word> were received from Youngs wife Magna no. 103, Hanna no 75, and Louise Kirkness no. 116.  The Chief and Councillors sanctioned the application and explained to them that they should never be taken back and herewith annex their signatures.  Copies of the above applications forwarded. herewith."


John Cromarty,  Chief. his x mark
Ackemence, Councillors. his x mark
Naikeejeckwabe, " his x mark
 Anguguonch, " his x mark

Witnesses: (Signed) James McKenzie

July 23rd, 1885 Lac Seul



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