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I just hate losing good data while a line is being put together - hence I am putting it here as a source for now - Bruce

From notes from Robinson Researcher "Heather Robinson":

Good morning Bruce - Now that's exciting!!!!  It certainly seems like there's a connection there.  I have some more info on Edmond Robinson and you're certainly welcome to it:

-Edmond Robinson, baptized Parrsboro, N.S. Sept. 12, 1789.  God parents - Thomas Shreve, Mr. & Mrs. Hatheway.
-Patience Robinson married John Braley Aug. 3, 1790
-Elizabeth Robinson married Peter Levings Sept. 1, 1794
(Source:  Parrsboro Township Records)
NOTE:  Patience & Elizabeth could be sisters to Edmond

-  Edmond Robinson is shown as having land in the "Diligent River and Back Road" district in 1827 (Source 1827 Tax Bill)

1838 Census Edmond Robinson - 1 female over 14 (that would be his wife); 1 female 6-14; 2 males 6-14; 2 males 0-6
(NOTE:  If they were indeed married in 1813, then there were obviously older children who had already left the household)

Cumberland County Deeds, Book 2, Page 157:  John Braley of Parrsborough to Edmond Robinson, Dec. 1, 1810 - Braley sold Edmond part of Lot #52 which Braley  had bought from William Hatfield earlier that year, 250 acres.
(NOTE:  This in probably the same John Braley who married Patience Robinson - even though we can't say for certain, This would SEEMINGLY confirm a relationship between Edmond & Patience.

Cumberland County Deeds, Book 2, Page 302:  Edmond & MARY Robinson of CORNWALLIS to John Hatfield, April 17, 1815:  Robinson sold Hatfield the above mentioned piece of land.
(NOTE:  We now have additional proof that his wife's name was Mary & they were actually shown as living in Cornwallis in 1815)

Cumberland County Deeds, Book 3, Page 363:  Peter Levony, Parrsboro to Edmond Robinson, April 16, 1827 -  In this transaction, Peter describes Edmond as his "Brother-in-Law".
(NOTE:  This makes Peter Levony the same person as described as Peter Levings in the Township Record and confirms that Edmond had a sister Elizabeth!)

Now, remember John Braley selling land (part of #52) to Edmond Robinson?  Well, 2 years earlier on Aug. 11, 1808 he sold Lot #53 to MATTHIAS ROBINSON, of Fort Lawrence.  Coincidence or is Matthias another relative of Braley's wife Patience?

Source:  "The History of Kings County" by Arthur Eaton:
Thomas Rand b. Feb. 14, 1734 marr. Mary MARCHANT, b. Martha's Vineyard and d. in Cornwallis in 1788.  His wife d. in 1789. Their children:
1. Thomas b. 1759 marr. 1790 Sarah Gore
2. John b. 1762, marr. 1790 Elizabeth Hoben
3. Marchant b. 1765 marr. (1) 1788 Hannah Chase; (2) 1802 Zerviah Eaton.
4. Elijah b. 1766
5. Silas b. 1768 marr (1) 1794 Amy Tupper; (2) 1802 Deborah Tupper; (3) 1812 Eunice Schofield (NOTE:  This is who Rev. Silas Rand comes from)
6.Asa b. 1770
7. Martha b. Oct. 17, 1772, marr. October 27, 1800 to William ROBINSON (NOTE:  !!!!!!!!!!!)
8.Love b. Feb. 26, 1775 marr. Aug. 21, 1803 to Francis ROBINSON "brother of Willimam"
9. William b. Aug. 24, 1777 marr. 1803 Mary Bigelow

Well, well, well Bruce - I think we're on to something here!  I'll certainly keep digging and see if I can come up with more!

By the way, what is the source of the marriage date for Edmund & Mary please?  (Sorry to be a stickler but I like to have the source in case I have to double check it or something)


A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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