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Thomas LOGAN (Note Newspaper article (to the left) is from August 2, 1902 The Manitoba Free Press)

Thomas LOGAN - apparently he built a number of houses and other buildings in Portage la Prairie and vicinity including Grace Methodist Church - the church presented him with the large family bible for his services as superintendent of the Sunday school.

1891 Census on the Logan Family Click here

From "Tread of the Pioneers"

page 42

Thomas LOGAN is among a list of Portage la Prairie Electors in 1873

page 138

Walter HENDERSON, son of John HENDERSON and Jean (ALSTON) HENDERSON, was born near Peebles, Scotland, December 23, 1824, the family later removing to Edinburgh, from whence they came to Canada about the year 1833, and settled near Toronto, Ont.

Mr. HENDERSON married Joanna Belfry, daughter of Mr. James Belfry, of Bradford, Ont. He "cleared" a farm in what was known as the "Queen's Bush," later living at Harriston, from which place he came to Portage la Prairie in May, 1877, accompanied by his daughter Jennie (who later because the wife of Mr. Thomas LOGAN) , and his eldest son, John C., now of Winnipeg.

In September of the same year the remainder of the family joined him with the exception of the second son, James B., who remained in Ontario till 1879.

In 1880, Mr. HENDERSON took up farming, about twenty miles south of Brandon, later retiring and returning to Portage. He was a life-long Methodist, a man of sterling qualities, respected by all who knew him. On September 10, 1904, he passed peacefully to his reward. His wife followed him April 26, 1910.

They are survived by six children, twenty-three grandchildren, making in all fifty descendants now living. A daughter, Mrs. (Rev.) W. R. Morrison, of Detroit Lakes, Minn., died in 1920, and a son, Geo. SHERMAN, in 1929.

In addition to the many acts of self-denial and sacrifice of Walter Henderson's life, he was for many years an acceptable local preacher in the Methodist Church, giving his services free of charge, finding his own transportation. Walter LOGAN, of the Telephone Office, is a grandson, and Mrs. Thos. LOGAN and Miss HENDERSON (who contributes this sketch) are daughters.

pages 153-4

Thomas LOGAN came to Manitoba in 1868 from Aurora, Ont., via St. Paul and the Red River to Fort Garry, arriving in Portage la Prairie in 1869.

Charles LOGAN followed him in 1870 or 1871, and the two brothers built a flour-mill in the west end of the town, operating it for a year and a half, and then selling out to the late Billy Smith. The two brothers then moved out on the farm about three miles north-west of town, where they farmed till 1881, when Thomas LOGAN moved back into Portage la Prairie, his brother Charles retaining the farm. Thomas went into business in that year - general store on Main Street, under the firm name of LOGAN & HENDERSON, at the same time carrying on a considerable business in real estate. The subject of this sketch married Jane HENDERSON and there were seven children, four boys and three girls: Edward, now living in Montreal; Walter, of Portage la Prairie; SHERMAN, who was killed in action on the 8th of October, 1916, at the Somme, and Gordon, of Drumheller, Sask.; Joey (Mrs. R. G. Taylor), of Swan River; Margaret, who died in 1895; and Mary (Mrs. J. R. Walker, of this city). And there are also ten grandchildren.

Thomas LOGAN opened the first Methodist Sunday School in Portage la Prairie, 1872, in the house of John Dougald McKie, at the west end. He took a very active interest in the affairs of the Methodist Church, continuing as superintendent of the Sunday School for many years and taking duty in the district as a very acceptable local preacher.

Charles LOGAN continued on the farm until advancing age made it necessary for him to retire. There were no children in his family, and he and Mrs. LOGAN lived in retirement in Portage la Prairie for many years, both of them highly esteemed and having a large circle of friends.


Possible Land Grant: (national Archives of Canada) - unknown if correct
2 NW 11 12 7 W1
Part Section Township Range Meridian


Cross-Reference RG:   68
Liber:   87
Folio:   214
Date of document:   1881/11/04



A Facebook Group for Hayward, Sheane, and Logan can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hayward.and.logan/
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